We enjoyed our day of touristy stuff so much that we went out on a different tour the next day. This time we went to a monkey sanctuary, had a ride on a motor boat, and visited some impressive limestone caverns.

mongcountry_small.jpg mongcountry2_small.jpg monkeysanctuary_small.jpg monkeysanctuary2_small.jpg
monkeysanctuary3_small.jpg monkeysanctuary4_small.jpg monkeysanctuary5_small.jpg monkeysanctuary6_small.jpg
monkeysanctuary7_small.jpg julieandthiu_small.jpg boatride_small.jpg ruggedmountains_small.jpg
naptimeontheriver_small.jpg juliethiuedanddriver_small.jpg localsonboats_small.jpg graves_small.jpg
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