We got up at 3am, left the boat at 4, caught a plane at 5.30 and arrived in Abu Simbel in the first wave of tourists for the day at about 7am. It was worth it, this was an amazing temple.

abusimbeltemples_small.jpg ramsestemple1_small.jpg ramsestemple2_small.jpg nefertaristemple1_small.jpg
nefertaristemple2_small.jpg ramses_small.jpg figurescloseup_small.jpg otherthreefigurescloseup_small.jpg
detailaboveentrance_small.jpg julie_small.jpg pharoahx2_small.jpg pharoahx15_small.jpg
pete_small.jpg littlehoruses_small.jpg hurrahforra_small.jpg possiblyastele_small.jpg

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