After Ho-An we realised we were running of time on our visa, and a quick online search discovered that extending a touris visa from inside Vietnam can be a real pain!

We headed South in a big way, skipping two days on a train by flying from Da Nang straight to Saigon for our last 4 days.

Of course the flight was delayed by 2 hours...

notredame_small.jpg handgrenade_small.jpg stainedglass_small.jpg churchinterior_small.jpg
stainedglass2_small.jpg stainedglass3_small.jpg palace_small.jpg julieandtank_small.jpg
happyjulie_small.jpg fountain_small.jpg conferenceroom_small.jpg auditorium_small.jpg
julieinmaproom_small.jpg presidentsoffice_small.jpg reception_small.jpg chandalier_small.jpg
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