We spent 10 days in Mexico City... for one of the largest cities in the world it really didn't feel that hectic. Possibly because all the big shopping areas are in the outskirts and the centre is mainly historical and governmental buildings.

unusualart_small.jpg exodus2_small.jpg exodus3_small.jpg alamedacentral_small.jpg
sculpturedetail_small.jpg zcalo_small.jpg thesquare1_small.jpg thesquare2_small.jpg
thesquare3_small.jpg metropolitancathedral_small.jpg thetabernacle_small.jpg palaceoffinearts_small.jpg
outsidethemuseodeltemplomayor_small.jpg modeldetail_small.jpg templomayorruins1_small.jpg templomayorruins2_small.jpg
towerview_small.jpg view2_small.jpg smog_small.jpg zcaloagain_small.jpg
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