We went to Hoi An which is called The Ancient City of Vietnam and is now a protected World Heritage site. We only intended to stay for a couple of days, but liked it so much we stayed for a week! There's not a huge amount of stuff to do there, but it's a really nice place to just hang out and eat tasty food, drink beer, and chill.

trieuchau_small.jpg basrelief_small.jpg tableandburner_small.jpg roofdetail_small.jpg
ancestorsaltar_small.jpg carving_small.jpg doordetail_small.jpg dragons_small.jpg
birdcarving_small.jpg roofdetail2_small.jpg altardetail_small.jpg impressivephoenix_small.jpg
asideroom_small.jpg frontdoor1_small.jpg frontdoor2_small.jpg altar_small.jpg
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