We headed for Dallas when we left New Orleans for the simple reason that air-fares to Mexico were cheaper. Dallas city centre was a huge disappointment (it's a ghost-town, there's simply *nothing* there) but we did find a couple of attractions in the area.

pumpkinhouse_small.jpg scary_small.jpg pumpkinspumpkinseverywhere_small.jpg treelinedavenue_small.jpg
uncouthfrog_small.jpg uncouthme_small.jpg ship_small.jpg peepingme_small.jpg
waterfeature_small.jpg carving_small.jpg julieandwaterfeature_small.jpg ripples_small.jpg
lakeview_small.jpg fish_small.jpg morepumpkins_small.jpg treetop_small.jpg
treebottom_small.jpg wonkytree_small.jpg oldred_small.jpg walkingtothesky_small.jpg
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