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Useful and Interesting Sites:

FlashGameLicense.com - monetize your Flash games!"
"Games That Weren't" C64 retro site with interviews (including mine)
Ogre (open source 3d graphics engine)
ODE (open source physics engine)
Rakkarsoft - home page for RakNet (free networking engine)
NEHE (great OpenGL examples and tutorials)
GamaSutra (news, articles, tutorials on all aspects of games)
GameLS.net (game development site with resource links)
Games Programming Wiki

Programming Resources:

The OpenGL commands
VK_ key code list
FPU instruction set
Moby Words (straight text dictionary)
CGF-AI links to superb AI resources
JavaWorld.com - good articles about Java programming

Programming Articles:

Using Direct3D from DX9 for 2D graphics
Ragdolls using a Verlet Integrator
Canonical game loop (how to sync a game loop with the graphics update)
Genetic Programming in C and C++

Utility Programs:

Arachnophilia - HTML editor
BIMP - Batch Image Processor
UnFREEz - Create an animated GIF from a bunch of individual images
Blender - 3D graphics creation program (powerful and free)

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